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Ministries are the backbone of any church, and it's no different at Genesis Church.

We want to give every person the opportunity to grow deeper in their knowledge and understanding of Christ.

Everyone, no matter their age, has a place to fit in, connect and belong!

We invite you to come along on this exciting journey!

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Genesis Kids

Kids are a vital part of Genesis Church, and we take the responsibility of teaching and training them about God very seriously. Kids age 4-12 get to enjoy a fun-filled kid-sized service geared just for them!

Genesis Youth Group/MVMT

Youth Group for teens age 12-18.

Meets every Wednesday at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall with Pastor Christian Hargrove.

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Image by Helena Lopes
Genesis Young Adults/MVMT

Young Adults age 18 and above (graduated from High School

Meets once a month, at varying times and places, to encourage fun, fellowship, and encouragement within this vital age group.

Lead and hosted by Pastor Christian Hargrove

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